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Travel Crate

Proper Travel Crate Size Per the International Air Transport Association

IATAIATA* (see bottom or page) presents the requirements for crate size on its website. A crate is the correct size if the width of the crate is twice the width of the dog at the dog's widest point (C x 2). A crate is the correct size if the height is 1-2 inches higher than the dog's height from front foot to top of head (D + 1or2 inches). The dog should be exhibiting normal posture when verifying that the crate is the correct height, and not cowering or craning its neck. A crate is the correct length if it is as long as the dog from base of tail to tip of nose, plus half the length of one of the dog's front legs (A + 1/2B).

Airline cargo managers reserve the right to refuse any pet bound for any destination if they feel that the crate is too small. If a crate is too large, pets are more likely to use the excess space to go to the bathroom, and owners incur higher freight costs for the additional dimensional units. By deciding to ship your pet with a Premier Pet Relocation specialist, you are guaranteeing that your pet will travel in the appropriate crate for their situation.

The correct travel crate can be purchased here.

More About IATA Pet Crate Requirements

Your pet must be in an IATA compliant pet crate and meet all airline specific requirements. It is best to have only one animal per container, although IATA rules state that two animals can share the same container, but only if the animals are both collectively under 14kg (30lbs) and of the same species.

Make sure the crate that you plan to use meets these minimum requirements:

  • The container must be large enough for the animal to stand, turn around, and lie down in a natural position.
  • The container must be made of sturdy plastic.
  • The container must have a secure, hinged door with spring loaded pins capable of locking it in place.
  • The container must have ventilation on all sides for international travel (three sides minimum for domestic travel).
  • A water bowl and a food bowl must be attached to the inside of the door. We recommend no-spill varieties for the comfort of your pet.
  • Although this is not an IATA requirement, many airlines are now requiring metal nuts and bolts instead of, or in addition to plastic latches.

Marchioro Clipper, Petmate Vari & Ultra, Bargain Hound and other brands may satisfy applicable container requirements.  PPR recommends the Marchioro Clipper series, as these have a  series of metal nuts and bolts inside the binding plastic latches, and a door locking mechanism for added safety.

*The International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulates travel container requirements for animals flying as live animal cargo. Again, while most airlines base their own requirements for live animal cargo on those of IATA, each individual airline might have its own specific requirements pertaining to pets and their travel containers.