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Can Premier Pet Relocation walk me through the pet relocation process as I plan my pet's relocation myself?

Premier Pet Relocation (PPR) is only able to assist clients who have retained a service package (accepted a quote by completing applicable forms). PPR does not provide step-by-step instructions for pet relocation, neither via phone inquiry nor via any other form of communication.

PPR provides full pet relocation services, which always include document preparation and logistics management, and usually include veterinary-care management, pick-up services, and home delivery services. Under special circumstances, additional pet relocation services are provided. Regardless, PPR considers pet relocation service provisions under such conditions to be pet relocation services that are provided in their entirety.

PPR cannot sustain the negative consequences arising from any potential errors related to pet relocation when those pet relocation services are not provided in their entirety. Such services, which would not be considered services provided in their entirety, would include answering questions concerning optimal airlines, routes, destination-specific regulations, and all other aspects that apply to pet relocation.

Therefore, PPR does not distribute a pet relocation manual, nor does PPR provide the public with piece-meal information related to pet relocation services, whether it be by phone, email, or any other means.

PPR strives to provide pet relocation services that focus on the fasted international routes with the least amount of connections. The company focuses on pets’ careful and adequate preparation for travel before choosing the most optimal routes. For the pet to be safe, it’s important for PPR ensure its comfortable, quick, and most logical travel planning. At PPR, the pet’s safety is the number one priority.

What is an IATA approved shipping crate?

An IATA approved crate is a crate that is constructed of hard plastic material and has ventilation on at least three side.  For international pet moves there must be ventilation holes on all four sides.  We only sell and recommend crates held together by nuts and bolts – not clips.

What if my pet is too big to fit in a crate and will not meet the IATA approved crate requirements?

Per regulation, the animal must have enough room to lay down, turn around, and stand up without their head touching the top of the crate.

For giant breeds, such as the Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, St Bernard, Newfoundland,  etc… your pet may need a custom built crate.  We can provide you with a custom made IATA approved crate made specifically for your pet.  If you would like information about our custom crates, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can my pet fly even if the airlines are telling me it is too hot or cold?

In short – it depends.  All the air carriers have different restrictions regarding when pets can or cannot fly.  It is more difficult to travel with Brachycephalic (snub nose) breeds during the summer months due to very strict temperature restrictions.

My pet gets very nervous and stressed out; should I sedate my pet prior to travel?

NO!!  You do not want to sedate your pet prior to transportation as the sedation may have negative effects on your pet’s heart while at high levels of altitude.

The #1 thing that you can do to reduce the stress of your pet’s transportation is to acclimate your pet to the travel crate. Purchase the travel crate as far in advance as possible to allow your pet to become familiar with it.  Place the crate in a high traffic room in your house and let your pet explore the crate when they want to.  You may be surprised to find your pet taking a nap in their crate!

**Premier Pet Relocation will not transport a pet that has been sedated unless we have a letter from the veterinarian.

Where on the airplane will my pet travel?

We transport pets as live animal cargo.  Your pet will be in the live animal section of the cargo hold.  This hold is air temperature controlled and pressurized for the safety of pets.  This hold is very dimly lit and will encourage pets to rest.

Is my pet fed, watered, or let out of the travel kennel while in the care of the airline?

Per the Animal Welfare Act, the airlines must provide water every 12 hours and food every 24 hours to all pets while in transit.  Your pet’s water will be refilled at each transit point.  If your pet is making a connection that is longer than 6 hours, an arrangement for your pet to exit the kennel for a break is required.

What is USDA accreditation and what role does this play in my pet’s export?

When exporting your pet to a foreign country, the veterinary documents must be endorsed by the USDA.  The USDA port veterinarian will endorse your pet’s documentation providing your veterinarian is USDA accredited.

IN SHORT -  Most vets are accredited, however, it is still a good idea to ask PRIOR to having them complete any of your pet’s paperwork/blood work.

What is an airline transfer?

Unlike human travel, pets must travel with the same air carrier for all legs of their transportation.  If multiple carriers are needed, the pets must be received by one airline and then check in with another.

When making a transfer, your pet may be given a walk, potty break, overnight or day boarding, USDA services, etc… These services will vary from pet move to pet move and will be discussed with you by your pet relocation specialist.

**Pet travel requiring an airline transfer is more expensive as multiple air tickets and handling ARE required.

What is a comfort stop?

A comfort stop is either an on-site or off-site kenneling service for your pet.  If your pet will be making a long connection, we will arrange for your pet to be kenneled.  This service will allow your pet the opportunity to get out of the travel kennel, use the bathroom, be refreshed, etc… while waiting for their flight.  Please note that this service is only available for pets with extended layover periods.

I’m worried that my pet will arrive overseas and be put into quarantine.  How can I make sure that does not happen?

When traveling abroad it is very important to ensure that all the import requirements are fully and accurately met to ensure your pet is not quarantined or returned to the origin at your expense.  When you hire a PPR pet specialist to assist you with your pet’s move, you can rest assured knowing that you have a country specific specialist that has gone over your pet’s documentation with a fine tooth comb to ensure everything is in order.

What is “Meet & Greet?”

Meet & Greet is a destination service where your pet’s custom clearance is handled by a professional pet shipping agent and then handed over to you either directly at the airport, or at their office location.  This service is highly recommended for international relocation.

Does Premier Pet Relocation transport research animals, or facilitate/assist in the relocation of research animals?

Premier Pet Relocation has not, and does not, transport or facilitate the relocation of research animals.