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What is Provided

At Premier Pet Relocation, we recognize our clients’ needs for the safe and worry-free transportation of their pets. We are dedicated to the care and welfare of our clients’ pets during their travels, whether national or international. Your pet’s safe, calm, and comfortable transport is our primary focus.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Domestic and international relocation – flight accommodations.
  • Planning and consultation.
  • Airport shuttle services – home pick up and home delivery services.
  • Local and long distance over the road arrangements.
  • Boarding accommodations – short and long term.
  • Documentation i.e. consular legalization/USDA/USFW.
  • IATA approved crates and custom crates.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Comfort stop services.
  • Airline transfer services.
  • Veterinary services.

To obtain a quote and information regarding your pet’s relocation, please visit our request a quote page. Want to talk with someone about your pet’s move? Give us a call at 650-993-4180, or click the live chat link.


Although we are not a long term boarding facility, we do take care of pets who are in transit or in need of short term boarding arrangements prior to departure or upon arrival. Should the need for long term boarding arise, we have relationships with many premier boarding facilities and in-home pet care services.

You can rest assured that your pets will receive lots of love and exercise while boarding with us. We treat every pet as if they were our own and even provide email or mobile phone updates on how your pet is doing!

Veterinary Services…

Don’t have time to take your pet to the vet, or just would like someone else to handle it? We provide full arrangements for such visits, including transportation to and from the veterinary office, payment for the services, and all of the necessary documentation.

This service is particularly useful to those individuals with pets who are traveling abroad, especially for the final veterinary visit involving the completion of import/export paperwork.


For transportation within the United States (including HI and AK), we offer two services – Airport to Airport and Door to Door. The key features of the two services are listed below.

Domestic Airport to Airport

We provide the option of having you deliver and collect your pet directly at the airport.  We will arrange the flight booking and related flight documents, making the process simple and straight forward for you. This is the perfect arrangement for a client who wants to be involved in their pet’s relocation, yet also desire assistance and reassurance from pet travel professionals.

Domestic Airport to Airport services include:

  • Flight booking
  • Airline approved travel crate
  • Expert pet travel advice
  • Airport facility details and instructions
  • Pet updates by email or phone!

Domestic Door to Door

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or countryside, PPR can collect your pet from the origin and facilitate their travel to a destination. Most transports are completed same day, but may require an overnight stay.

Domestic Door to Door services include:

  • Flight booking
  • Airline approved travel crate
  • Collection of your pet
  • Boarding (if required – additional costs apply)
  • Delivery of your pet
  • Expert pet travel advice and complete transportation arrangements
  • Pet updates by email or phone!

Click here to obtain information and a no-obligation quote.


If you are relocating or traveling internationally, let Premier Pet Relocation coordinate and monitor your pet’s transportation for you. With an extensive international network, PPR will monitor every step of your pet’s journey to anywhere and from anywhere in the world!

Our International services include:

  • A dedicated, destination specific, international pet travel consultant
  • Flight booking involving the best routing to the destination
  • A comprehensive itinerary & full contact details for origin and destination locations
  • Detailed information about your destination’s quarantine and customs requirements
  • Direct communication with your veterinarian regarding the required vet services
  • Boarding (if required – additional costs applied)
  • An airline approved travel crate, including no-spill bowls and bedding
  • Expert pet travel advice concerning vaccinations on which your pet should be current
  • Collection from the residence, boarding facility, or veterinarian
  • Access to Premier Pet’s Transit Lounge
  • Pet priority check in at airport – as close to flight departure time as possible
  • Delivery from the arrival airport to your new residence
  • Pet updates by email or phone!

Please note that we also offer additional services, such as preparing import permits, transit permits, providing quarantine lodging and arrangements, and much more. Your pet relocation counselor will go over the additional services that are applicable to your specific pet move!

Click here to obtain information and a no-obligation quote.


Do you have a pet that is coming into the US? Do you need assistance with customs clearance and/or forwarding service?

Pets traveling into the US must be cleared at the first port of entry. That means that you will either need to handle this yourself, or designate an agent to act on your behalf.

We offer complete customs clearance services, comfort stop services, airline transfer services, and home delivery services within the state of California and beyond. San Francisco and Los Angeles are major ports of entry for pets traveling from Australia, New Zealand, and most Asian countries. Let us help you with your most precious import!