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Thu.Thought: Pet Ground Transport

vehiclesThe easiest, most stress free way to move a pet from point A to point B is almost always by air.  Air travel for pets presents the fastest option for dogs and cats to reach their new home.  The plane trip (domestically) is usually so promptly processed by relocation specialists and cargo officials alike, that the flying pets barely have a chance to eat all of their provided meal. 

Once a pet is checked in and officially on board a scheduled flight, a good relocation specialist knows to zip tie and redundantly lock the crate, posting a note commanding airline personnel not to open the door for the duration of travel.  When properly acclimated (we have covered that topic extensively), most dogs and cats go to sleep following take off to reawake at their new destination.  It is the most efficient mode of pet travel across all metrics.

When Is Air Travel for Pets Not the Best Option?

bad weatherThere are a handful of scenarios where a custom ground transport would be the superior, if not necessary, method of travel for a dog, cat or exotic pet.  For instance, relatively short distances that only span across a couple of states could potentially merit the use of a USDA-approved vehicle in lieu of an aircraft.  Many times, these short distances involve an origin and destination that are not close to any  major airport, or only close to airports with smaller aircraft.  Furthermore, northern communities experiencing harsh winter weather might close such airports to any kind of travel during inclement weather.

prescriptionAdditionally, aging dogs and cats with genetic disorders may require medication multiple times per day.  Premier Pet Relocation advises that crates be reduntantly sealed for air travel, along with notification to cargo staff not to open the crate at any point.  Accidents that occur involving the loss or injury of a pet on the tarmac are predominantly attributed to eager, poorly trained cargo staff that attempted to let a pet out of its crate.  Therefore, Premier Pet Relocation always plans a ground transport for special needs pets that must have medication.  We do not charge airline cargo personnel with the responsibility of administering pills or topical cream to pets during transport.  By arranging a custom ground transportation for special needs pets with medical requirements, Premier Pet Relocation is able assume an absolute level of control and observation during their relocations.

Preparing for Your Own Ground Transport

no spill bowlAcclimating a dog or a cat to their travel crate is the first step towards a successful ground transport.  A small, thin bed or layers of blankets should line the bottom of dog containers to prevent shredding or de-stuffing.  No-spill dog dishes are advisable for the trip, because they attach directly to the crate door and possess a lip around the rim to prevent spillage during rough roads.  Owners should consider pheromone therapy via a pheromone collar (one manufacturer is Adaptil) for the move.  The constant aroma of the stress reducing chemicals is barely perceptive to the human nose, yet to an anxious dog or cat it could mean the difference between a mostly stressful or mostly peaceful trip.

yukon denaliRegarding the proper vehicle, USDA guidelines mandate that handlers transport dogs on a flat, temperature controlled area in their travel container when making a journey on the ground.  Therefore, sport utility vehicles, wagons and cargo vans are the most professional and safest vehicles for pets.  Owners should have a storage bin dedicated to the travelling pets, stockpiled with bottled water, treats, poop bags, extra leashes and cleaning supplies.  Pulling over for a break at a busy rest stop can be mildly chaotic for the human passengers, let alone frightening and unfamiliar for the accompanying pet.  By having all of the dog or cat’s items in one place, owners can concentrate all of their attention on the pet during the travel break.

road mapPremier Pet Relocation has conducted multiple custom ground relocations for special needs pets.  Several of these trips spanned from one coast to another.  One dog that was transported in this way was epileptic, requiring several breaks per day in order to take his medication.  Whether your pet is travelling internationally or domestically, by air or by ground, Premier Pet Relocation is well equipped to make the trip a success.  Please call one of our specialists today if you are concerned with your pet’s travel arrangements:


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