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Mon. Medley: "A Most Interesting Cause..."

interesting manActor Jonathan Goldsmith doesn’t always venture into the public spotlight, but when he does… he prefers to support a worthy cause.  And it just so happens that the Dos Equis’ advertising icon might be as interesting in real life as his beer-sipping persona would suggest.  In fact, “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is actually very interested himself in supporting dog friendly causes.  With two Anatolian Shepherds of his own, charitable causes that benefit canines are near and dear to Goldsmith.

While he is also an advocate for the restoration of post war communities
interesting dog(including land mine removal efforts), Goldsmith has recently aimed his efforts towards the Morris Animal Foundation, a non-profit research group that pursues advancements in veterinary medicine and technology.  Through his recent ad project with Orvis Co., an online retailer for the outdoorsman, Goldsmith is promoting nominations for the company’s cover dog.  With each vote and nomination requiring a $1, The Most Interesting Man’s appearance should draw extra cash flow to the cause.  All proceeds benefit the Morris Animal Foundation.

Make sure to visit the Morris Animal Foundation & Orvis Co...

& cast your vote!

Birds of Prey & Dogs At Play

The next time you’re strolling through a large public park with little FeFe, you might want to dedicate some of your attention to the sky.  Yesterday in Plainfield, IL, a Yorkshire Terrier owner learned this lesson the hard way.  Like most pet owners, Sandi McGill let little Bozzie out in the late afternoon so that the tiny terrier could do her business in the backyard.  At the same time that Sandi was about to open the back slider for Bozzie to return, a large hawk descended to the ground in a blur of feathers and dog fur.  Having been stunned by a partial collision with the glass door, the hawk briefly gripped the Yorkie with its talons before its owner could open the door and physically intervene.

Bozzie escaped the aerial abduction relatively unscathed, suffering only superficial puncture wounds.  However, this situation could have also easily happened to other small dog owners and breeders alike.  In the Chicago area for instance, a French Bulldog puppy was almost taken away by air while playing outside with its English Mastiff companion.  The fact that the much larger dog’s presence didn’t deter the opportunistic raptor's attempt is astounding.

bird and dog


These stories serve as reminders that oftentimes, while outside, people and their pets are still subject to the potential dangers of the animal kingdom.  It’s important to monitor pets that swim and retrieve in the ocean as well as pets that interact with other dogs at the dog park.  In addition to threats by land and sea, let’s also make sure to give the sky an occasional glance while our pups are at play.

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