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Happy Veteran's Day!

Premier Pet Relocation extends is greatest gratitude towards all members of all branches of our armed services on this very special day.  The sacrifice and devotion that each soldier lends to our country is immeasurable, and every American has the armed forces to thank for our country’s freedoms and way of life.  From the bottom of our hearts, we at Premier Pet Relocation offer our most sincere respect and admiration for all that our veterans give to us!

Because of this special day, we chose to take a look at three special canine companions to veteran heroes throughout this nation’s history.  Their loyalty, tenacity, and willingness to sacrifice themselves are symbolic of our armed forces’ character at large.

Sgt. Stubby

sgt stubbyPerhaps the most famous war dog in American history, Sgt. Stubby was an American Pit Bull Terrier mix that fought alongside our veterans in World War I.  He remains the most decorated war dog in history, and has been the only war dog promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  He began his military career voluntarily by practicing with his handler, Cpl. Robert Conway, during training exercises in Connecticut.  He bravely participated in 17 battles over an 18 month period in France, where he alerted soldiers of impending mustard gas attacks and artillery shells, as he could perceive such attacks before his fellow soldiers.  He was wounded one time during his service at the hands of retreating Germans.  Sgt. Stubby ultimately survived WWI, and returned home with his handler to become the first mascot of Georgetown U.


A mix of Collie, Husky, and German Shepherd blood, Chips was the most chipsdecorated war dog of World War II.  He was donated to the war by a private citizen to serve with Pvt. John Rowell.  He became famous for his heroic efforts when he overwhelmed an Italian pillbox after his owner’s unit had been pinned down by heavy machine gun fire.  His assault chased the four Italian soldiers out of their position, allowing Pvt. Rowell’s unit to advance.  Even though he was heavily wounded during the attack, he managed to assist his unit in capturing 10 more Italian soldiers.  At the discretion of his handler and unit, he ultimately received the Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star, and a Purple Heart.  He’s also the subject of a 1990 Disney movie.


cairoOn May 2nd, 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed by the Navy SEALs of the DEVGRU division, or SEAL Team 6.  At their side was a single canine companion, Cairo the Belgian Malinois, who might be the most disciplined and technologically equipped dog in history.  Malinois are known for their physical prowess and highly trainable dispositions, and dogs like Cairo can often receive $30,000 worth of training prior to their deployment.  Cairo had some extra advantages to compliment his natural abilities: infrared night vision “doggles” and a custom $86,000 canine Kevlar body armor with audio/visual attachments. 

When SEAL Team 6 made their stealth landing at the Abottabad compound of Bin Laden, Cairo’s job was to catch “anyone who tried to escape and alert SEALs to any approaching Pakistani security forces.”  His training also enabled him to alert SEALs to hidden rooms in the compound.  He was one of 80 service members involved in the ultimate demise of our country’s greatest enemy.

Thanks to service members and their highly trained canine companions, the U.S. has been able to successfully defend itself from global threats since the First World War.  Nothing exemplifies the strong bond between man and dog better than the relationship between the American warrior and their brave canines.  From all of us at PPR, thank you service members for all that you do for our country!

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