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Monday's Medley: Dog-Friendly Cities

retro pitDepending on who you ask, it’s possible that there are many, many cities across America where inhabitants believe that their dogs have it the best.  What defines a doggy paradise can span an entire spectrum of amenities and activities, such as the number of dog parks available, the average home acrege, and the average cost of caring for a pet.  Therefore, we will not attempt to place any city above another when it comes to catering to our canines’ needs.  Instead, here are a few cities (in no particular order) that are particularly hospitable when it comes to owning a dog.  Please note that we’re only mentioning major metropolitan areas, as there are plenty of communities around the country that might have similar benefits for pets.

Boston, MA - Bull & Terrier Pioneers

boston logoBostonians have a legacy of being passionate about their pets, highlighted by the Boston Terrier Club’s 1893 admission into the AKC with the registry’s first non-sporting American breed.  Regarding a love of dogs, Boston has more to boast than the founding of the Boston Terrier (the Labrador is actually the city’s most prevalent breed).  Even though it is the second most expensive city in the country to own a pet, Bostonians can take their dogs on the subway, take their dogs on a cruise, and even take their dogs to the Liberty Hotel for concessions and socialization.

Portland, OR - Dog Park Eutopia

pearl districtWith more dog parks for each citizen than any other American city, Portland gives dog walkers the most amount of variety.  Unlike Boston, many of Portland’s parks permit off-leash play.  Several local restaurants not only allow dogs admittance, they also provide a menu purely for pooches.  The city’s Pearl District might be the mecca for dogs in search of an American paradise, as most banks and grocery stores let dogs inside and many businesses setup food and water bowls outside.

San Diego, CA - Surf's Up

surfing dogThis southwestern city deserves mention for its love of dogs, especially since it is home to the Surf Dog competitions.  Canines compete in large and small classes, alone or with a human also “on board,” and all benefits from the organization go to the ASPCA.  Dogs can also look forward to a regional, annual holiday in their honor: National Dog Party Day.  Every June 21st, owners and pets can party side by side with events designed to foster dog and people socialization.

San Francisco, CA - Pet Business Galore

dog walkerEven though it is not allowed, it’s not entirely uncommon to see a passenger on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART is SF’s subway system) with a pooch in their lap or sprawled at their feet.  San Francisco is in the top three regarding cities with the most dog parks, but it is also the third most expensive city when it comes to caring for pets.  Being based in San Francisco, Premier Pet Relocation can assure readers that business owners and patrons alike are very hospitable towards well-behaved canine companions.  Professional dog walking services are ubiquitous, as they should be, since yard size and acrage in the Bay Area are relatively small.

Seattle, WA - Dog Day Afternoon W/o the Heat

seattleIn Seattle, the number of dogs is on its way to being double the number of children (there are even more cats supposedly).  It’s safe to say from sheer population, that our country’s most northwestern city is going to the dogs.  They’re allowed on almost every form of public transportation, even buses and ferries.  There are 14 parks… just for dogs.  Lastly, pet sitting website Rover.com is based in the Emerald City.

Most All American Cities Are Good for Dogs…

bslOne can go almost anywhere in the U.S. to learn that Americans have a deep seated love for the cooperation between man and dog.  However, certain cities with draconian dog laws and breed specific legislation (BSL) should probably be avoided by families that desire a four legged friend.  Denver, Miami and Baltimore are known for an aggressive stance regarding the licensing and regulations involved with having a dog.  Such cities often make it dificult to enjoy public life with a pet.  Thankfully, the vast majority of the nation’s municipalities recognize that dogs will forever be a part of the American psyche, fostering a better future for dogs and owners alike.

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